Arrow CrossFit (ACF) was founded on the simple premise of building a community of fit individuals. At ACF you will jump, run, push, pull, lift, carry and learn to move your body the way it was designed to move.

By joining one of our group classes you will benefit of working out under the supervision of a Certified CrossFit Coach every class. Classes are scaled to the ability of each athlete, ensuring you receive the most effective and safe experience for meeting your fitness goals. CrossFit is for everyone, no matter what your fitness level or goal.

The benefits of CrossFit go beyond the gym. Physically, you see the changes happening to your clothing size and figure and the sense of achievement you experience every day in the gym translates to other areas of your life. Many say CrossFit changes lives. At Arrow CrossFit we will teach you how to achieve your goals, give you the support you need to achieve them and then see where you can apply that same power outside of Arrow CrossFit.


Welcome to the next level. Our pledge to you is that if you work hard, we will work just as hard matching you stride for stride. It has often been said that you can train the fundamentals of fitness, but you can’t train desire, heart, passion and discipline. Arrow CrossFit is a facility dedicated to helping you become the best YOU possible. If you think you have the heart, desire, passion, discipline and you want to be the best YOU, you can be…Then this is the place for you! Before you come in there are a few things you should know.

  • This is not a fancy globo gym with pretty, shiny, useless equipment. What we do here is challenging but guarantees results as long as you put in the work! Focus on the work and the results will follow.
  • There is no place for ego at Arrow CrossFit. We are here to help and we view everyone as an extension of our community. Everyone at Arrow CrossFit is a team member of yours. So be prepared to work hard and support others along the way.
  • Have fun! Show up, work hard, have fun and focus on doing the work and the results will follow.
  • We are here when you are ready. Stop by anytime and introduce yourself or try a FREE trial class. We here at Arrow CrossFit would love to learn more about you, your goals and what challenge or even sport you are preparing for.

If you are interested in trying an Arrow CrossFit (ACF) class, simply contact us and we will schedule you a free trial class in order to see it is a fit for you.